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cheap-beer-and-loathing said: Goals goals goals how was it omg and AHH you talked to them what the heck omg that's soooo cool

it was amazing best band ive seen live!!! thats what i love about music hearing them live is 10x better than listening with ur earphones

ahh yeah it was insaneeeeeeeeeeeeee jack randomly sat with us hahah since he knew me well from last night then ed liz and louis followed will tell more about this tomorrow sorry im so tired rn :( 

lexynina said: Hi, What's your favorite album from Bombay Bicycle Club?

i had the blues but i shook them loose but so long see you tomorrow could easily replace that since all those songs there sound so good live!!!!!!!

seahorsesandstars said: how do you meet so many bands u have a talent

thats my special talent haha it’s for different reasons sometimes i know the promoter personally, i wait them after the show and look for them, befriend their tour manager/road manager/bouncers stuff like that